Moonshine Travel and Holidays

We all like to travel and go on holiday at least once a year, but for some of us who are lucky enough to go on more than one holiday a year, life is beautiful!

If you’re travelling within the United States or if you plan to travel across the pond, then you will need to know how to get there, what to take, what to expect and what have others said about it.

At Moonshine we want to give you all the information and links to 3rd party resources that you need to make sure you travel or holiday planning is done with the best resources on the web.

Travel Money & Transfers

One of the first things you will need to do is change up some travel money to the local currency, evermoney is a great resource for foreign currency and travel money and if you are looking for exchange rates we suggest foreign exchange.

Flights & Hotels

There are many ways to check for flights, you can check each site directly or use skyscanner which checks all the major airlines and lists all of their prices so that you can choose the best deal.

For hotels there are a number of sites you can use, however we recommend and which are the two most competive sites on the web for comparing hotels.

Vaccinations and Health

One of the most important aspects of travel is ensuring your health and wellbeing, you will of course need travel insurance as standard but depending where you travel you may need vaccinations or other health precautions.  We recommend fitfortravel a UK based government site which lists all the countries and what vaccinations may be needed to travel there.

There is also some general advice about drinking water, food and wildlife that you will want to observe. It is very important that you research the country you are going to and we advise speaking to you GP (doctor) before you go, as your GP will have your vaccination and health records which will show what vaccinations you currently have which ar in date and which ones you may need to have or top-up.

Local Travel

You may need to hire a car or bike when you arrive at the airport or resort. We suggest you pre-book your car or bike hire with holidayautos or rentalcars as booking a car when you get there could see you pay through the nose and end up with an “old banger”.

Local Lingo

We cant all be fluent in every language but we can learn the basics! By learning a little local lingo you could make your trip more successful and up getting the paella you ordered rather than a pagoda!

local lingo

Timing Your Holiday

All families with children know that going on holiday in term time when its nearly 300% cheaper to go is a no no and could see you end up with a hefty fine.  Well that used to be the case as a landmark ruling in the High Court just knocked that on its head and it now seems that local authorities cannot enforce the fine.

Getting Beach Ready

All we have to say about that is chill and have a fab time!